LEONI's  B-Flex P³ offers a flexible, slip-resistant attachment solution for industrial robots especially for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, serving picking, packing and palletizing applications. This means that the hose and cable package can be attached to the robot with easy-to-install, flexible holders.

The basic principle behind the LEONI B-Flex P³ solution consists of two components: the hook-and-loop straps and the flexible round or flat holders. The hook-and-loop strap is threaded into the matching insertion slots on the holder for installation on the robot. The holders are positioned in the chosen location on the robot and the dresspack is inserted between the hook-and-loop strap and the holder. As a last step, the hook-and-loop strap needs to be pulled tight and closed.

The company says the quick and simple tool-less installation is just one advantage. LEONI B-Flex P³ can also be used on diverse surfaces, sections and circumferences without the risk of slippage. The mounting solution is also lightweight and has very few protrusions thanks to its low-profile design. In addition, it is based on very high reliable components as all of them are based on thousands of dress packages installed in different field of industries, most particularly Automotive, which is highly demanding on robot movements and it is absolutely maintenance-free.

The B-Flex P³ is the second product in this range. Launched in 2017, the LEONI B-Flex Cobot is a similar product specifically designed for collaborative robots.