Nakpack arrived in the U.K. following a first order successfully performed for Roberson Wine. To get an idea of the resistance of the product, the wine company performed a ‘crash-test’ and threw the packaging, containing six bottles of wine, directly onto the ground from the first floor. Nakpack has received UPS certification for the shipment of bottles. Here are the results of this test:

Launched in Italy in 2011, Nakpack is the only system of its kind to allow a single model of packaging to be used with various bottle types and formats. 

“The Nakpack model is accelerating in terms or research and development. A new solution is already in the prototype phase that will drastically reduce logistics costs and increase the production capacity of shipments. It will be our great second revolution. We expect exponential growth in the coming years, putting it on the Italian stock exchange (AIM) in the short term”, said Angelo Bandinu, CEO at Nakuru. “With over 8 million bottles shipped, Nakpack manages about 60% of online wine sales in Italy." The company aims to expand rapidly in the Western market, becoming a safe shipping system. 

After more than 10 months of development and countless crash tests conducted in accordance with the strictest international standards, the Nakpack system was released in the market as the ultimate solution to the problems of transporting fragile products.