The Food & Beverage Innovation Forum's (FBIF) Marking Awards 2019, global food & beverage packaging design awards, was held in Hangzhou April 23, 2019. The competition received more than 500 designs from 200 global brands and agencies. A total of 37 designs won from brand owners, design agencies, packaging suppliers, freelance designers and student groups. 

The Marking Awards was born to mark the world's excellent food packaging. With FBIF's international influence, during the two years of its holding, MA has received attention from World Packaging Organization (WPO), served as a bridge between brands and design agencies over 30 times, contributed to traceable cooperation for eight times, and led to three new packages on market, focusing on promoting interaction between food and design. As a China-based international food packaging design contest, Marking Awards is responsible for discovering and praising brilliant local F&B package designs, as well as encouraging communication between local and global design power, aiming to speed up F&B brands’ packaging innovation, package functional optimization and improve their aesthetics standards.

Marking Awards evaluated all the entries from six criteria: commerciality, communication, functionality, originality, foresight and design. For the entire list of the 31 award-winning packaging designs from professionals and 6 award-winning packaging works from student groups, please visit