Students across the United States and Mexico learned valuable lessons about recycling and sustainability when paperboard packaging manufacturers recently taught “Trees Into Cartons, Cartons, Into Trees” (TICCIT) in their local communities. TICCIT is an educational outreach program from the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC).

TICCIT is designed to teach third through fifth graders about the positive environmental impact of trees and paper. The curriculum shows students that trees are a sustainable crop just like fruits and veggies. It also highlights the many uses of trees and paper and underscores the importance of recycling.

In addition to a classroom presentation, TICCIT includes a fun, hands-on component — students plant tree saplings in paperboard cartons to take home. Some manufacturers even print their own cartons for the occasion. When planted directly in the ground, the carton provides protection and a natural water funnel for the new tree. As the tree grows, the carton will break down and complete the "trees into cartons, cartons into trees" cycle.

In total, manufacturers across the country donated over 17,000 saplings that families can now see taking root.

Some of the participating PPC members included: Accord Carton Company, American Carton Company, Colbert Packaging, Diamond Packaging, Graphic Packaging International, Indiana Carton Company, Matik, Metsä Board, Southern Champion Tray, The Standard Group, WestRock and Wikoff Color Corporation.

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