Beam Suntory worked with Supremia International on an old-fashioned cocktail kit carrying case for its Knob Creek whiskey.

The throwback pack includes woodgrain features that pay homage to the white oak barrels in which the whiskey is aged. In addition to the liquor bottle, the case also includes an old-fashioned cocktail kit consisting of a muddler, bitters and sugar cubes.

Fitting the packaging platform to the desired design features was a challenge. Knob Creek wanted the package insert – which held all of the package’s contents in place, including the bottle – to have a slatted dark woodgrain effect to contrast with the light woodgrain pattern on the trim and handle. Supremia worked with thermoforming specialist CMI Plastics to develop a customized, wood-textured thermoform capable of holding all components safely.

The result was a carrying case pack that won an award at the most recent Thermoforming Conference.