Hero Clean worked with Berlin Packaging (berlinpackaging.com) to develop a rugged, military-inspired line of packaging for their laundry detergent products specifically catered to men to help eliminate the worst odors, remove stains and bring a new, manly scent to the marketplace.

Leaving fancy design or obscure shapes behind, Berlin Packaging transformed a standard 64 oz. polypropylene square container and added full wrap in-mold labeling on both the container and the rugged, tamper evident snap-on lid. The charcoal gray color shows off a masculine vibe, referencing not only the auto care segment, but the military, which is essential to the brand's story.

Special Forces training facility is ground-zero for Hero Clean’s product testing, thanks in part to the radical cleaning needs they encounter daily. Also, in partnering with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Hero Clean donates a portion of their profits to the organization’s mission to support, protect and empower veterans of those wars.

While the laundry packs are currently in-store in their newly revamped packaging, additional redesigns of Hero Clean’s detergent bottle, Odor Eliminating Spray, All-purpose cleaner and Dish/Hand Soaps (featuring stronger, more temperature- and stress-resistant housings, and a higher quality spout seal to prevent leaks) will be coming to retailers throughout summer.