EDL Packaging Engineers Inc. (EDL), a Massman Company, has launched the EDL Model 22-45 single roll product wrapping system. It wraps both trayed and trayless products at rates of up to 45 packages per minute— including packaged food products, pet foods, dairy products, mixed multipacks and more, as well as untrayed single products and container multipacks.

The wrap system delivers reliable, repeatable wrapping performance at a fair investment value. It operates at medium speeds in a real-time production environment and has the ability to accurately control print registration. A welded tubular frame controls vibration to ensure consistent wrapping output and production throughput.

The servo-driven inline system can be integrated into an existing production line, and is designed to handle products up to 16" in length, 12" high and 20" wide The system wraps using 1.5 to 3.0 mil film in segments up to 55" long and 22" wide. The SRW 22-45 can wrap products using either clear plastic film, random printed or print registered film. Trayed products can be wrapped in corrugated trays or on flat pads. During the servo-driven wrapping process, products do not stop, but are in continuous motion as film is applied and cut, maximizing productivity. A high-efficiency shrink tunnel completes the wrap sealing process.

The SRW 22-45 system’s welded tubular steel frame has a powder-coated surface finish. Legs are threaded to be adjustable up to 2 inches for system leveling. Available additional options include a film loading cart and an inline cradle splicer for speedy film changeovers.