Sun Chemical has collaborated with CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH, a global leader in color management, digital proofing and specially formulated media, to provide a groundbreaking metal deco digital proofing solution for two-piece beverage cans.

This unique, innovative digital proofing solution, part of Sun Chemical’s DigiProof service within its SunColorBox color management toolkit, will enable canmakers, designers and brand owners to dispense with physical aluminum wet proofs and to significantly reduce the length of the packaging design process from weeks to just days.

“With the launch of this digital proofing solution, which can create color-correct and designed samples without the need to print on a can, customers will have far greater creative options because of the very short time and low cost required to produce the color-accurate digital prints. Designs can be created in one location and digitally printed at multiple locations across the world, without the need for slow and costly couriers to convey physical print samples. As a result, they will be able to develop new designs in much less time and radically reduce the overall time to market for new products,” said Iñaki Llona, Global Champion Metal Deco Inks, Sun Chemical.

The solution comprises CGS ORIS software linked to two new metal deco dependent color libraries for PantoneLIVE™, a cloud-based, digital color standard ecosystem. The two libraries, which have just been launched by X-Rite Incorporated, Pantone LLC and Sun Chemical, were developed by capturing the closest achievable match to the master PANTONE® Formula Guide Coated colors that can be produced by applying metal deco ink onto an aluminum can with a gloss varnish finish.

Consisting of over 4,000 achievable color options, the metal deco libraries — one for opaque and one for transparent applications — provide realistic targets that enable canmakers to address common challenges in the application of Pantone color directly onto reflective two-piece beverage cans. The libraries also help beverage manufacturers and brand owners set expectations for producing achievable PantoneLIVE digital color standards on two-piece cans.