Every product that is shipped is handled myriad times from the production line to the final destination. The product is packed and sealed, labeled and palletized, loaded and sent on its way. It may go directly to a consumer or may be subjected to several stops and truck transfers before traveling to its final destination.

Each instance of handling increases the possibility of mishandling. Packages can be dropped, pierced, crushed, damaged by weather and/or subject to other abuses. While you can’t reduce the number of times a package is handled, you can help ensure that all goods are packed as securely as possible, so that when a package is mishandled, the odds of damage occurring are relatively low.

The infographic, Preventing Product Damage During Shipping, provided by Envoy Logistics, presents facts about the costs of shipping damage and offers tips to help protect shipments. Because all businesses want to increase profits, it’s imperative that they learn how to help prevent the damage during shipping that leads to product returns. The tips in this infographic are an important first step, especially for newer and smaller companies that may lack the resources to create and adequately staff a stand-alone shipping department.

Before you send you next shipment on its way, review the tips on correct packing procedures and materials, relevant warning labels, effective palletizing, secure truck loading and more. Your customers will thank you, and your bottom line will, too.