Pathway Solutions Inc. has launched new shelf-ready packaging, called the Advantage Plus™, that eliminates the use of an outer retail carton, saving an estimated one million pounds of waste annually**.

The Advantage Plus! Packaging System is a unitized package combining custom printed paper-film lids heat-sealed to custom-printed pressed paperboard trays, as the body. Both the lidding construction and trays are oven and microwave safe. As a result, this unitized package solution offers ample product protection expected from a retail carton while removing an entire processing step; decreasing transportation and plant labor costs, freeing up warehouse and production floor space, and most importantly requiring less material to complete the finished package. The completed package is shipped in a shelf-ready retail corrugated case that takes up approximately 80% of the amount of space as the traditional retail carton/shelf-ready case, thus allowing for more finished packs per pallet; more finished packs per truckload to the retailer.

Pathway Solutions started investigating potential options of how to eliminate waste in packaging after witnessing the major push in the industry on co-packers, food processors and corporations alike to begin adopting better, greener practices. 

“We saw a niche and wanted to see how we could make a positive impact on the environment and help food packaging corporations take the right steps towards a greener future,” said Jillian May, national sales director of Pathway Solutions Inc.

** Estimations are based on numbers provided by corporations being presented to. Numbers will vary based on individual volumes.