Foodvisor, a new Health Tech app, was created to help people eat smart so that they can feel better and live healthier and better lives. It is a highly advanced AI-powered food diary that provides automatic photo recognition and personalized nutritional coaching.

The app helps people keep track of their eating habits so they can learn what food items are especially good for them. With this key information, they are able to adopt healthier eating habits and achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Foodvisor is free on iOS and Android. A Premium version is also available for a monthly subscription fee. The company says that the Premium version is like having a “Nutritionist in your pocket," giving the users the ability to chat with RD nutritionists, select a specific diet plan tailored to their objective and profile (Keto, low carb, gluten-free…), plus receive personalized advice and delicious healthy recipes.  

The Foodvisor team developed proprietary Deep Learning algorithms that enable them to identify over 1,200 different food items, estimate serving sizes, and provide a detailed report on nutritional content. The algorithm is able to integrate new users’ food images into its database for future recognition, allowing it to thrive in a constant state of learning with each new image. Foodvisor’s algorithms also learn from each user's personal habits to become even more accurate and personalized.  

Foodvisor was created in 2015 by three engineers from Ecole Centrale Paris (the leading mathematics and computer school in France), Charles Boes, Yann Giret and Gabriel Samain, joined by Aurore Tran, a graduate of Essec Business School. Foodvisor began as an end-of-study research project and quickly became a startup. It was born after the realization that people today are increasingly interested in discovering how to eat smarter and more nutritiously so they can enjoy a better and healthier life.

The application officially launched in 2018 on iOS, Android and in Premium version. In 2019, Foodvisor passed the 2 million users mark and expanded to several countries, including the U.K., Germany, Spain and the U.S. In November 2019, Foodvisor raised $4.5 million, bringing the total amount raised to $6.6 million. With a workforce of 15 people, which will double in 2020, Foodvisor aims to revolutionize the nutrition market.