Dorner’s innovative, new AquaGard 7350 V2 Curve Conveyor chain features a center bearing to eliminate friction, carry a heavier load and allow four curves to be driven by a single motor. This unique design improves productivity, along with saving valuable floor space as the conveyor can make tight turns around existing machinery and equipment without being hindered by extra motors.

The new Curve Conveyor comes with infeed and outfeed sections as short at 457 mm (18 inches), enabling it to fit into tighter spaces and make tighter turns. This allows customers to save space on their production floors or fit the conveyor among pre-existing machinery.

As the newest iteration of the company's AquaGard 7350 V2 Conveyor, the modular chain design is the safest option in the industry with openings of less than 4 mm, even in the curves. This design, along with covering the upper and lower chain edges, provide a safe conveyor platform by eliminating pinch points for operators.

The AquaGard sanitary conveyor platform is designed for the baking, snack food, pharmaceutical, pet food and packaging industries that require wipe-down and occasional wash-down cleanings of the conveyor with non-caustic solutions. The conveyor comes with minimal horizontal surfaces for fast, easy cleaning. These hygienic standards have enabled AquaGard conveyors to earn industry recognition for their sanitary attributes, including the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC), and 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc., which offer certifications and stamps of approvals on conveyors and related food-processing equipment.