Komori Corporation has signed a basic agreement with the MBO Group, a global company based in Germany that specializes in the manufacture and sale of post-press equipment, regarding the acquisition of a 100% equity stake with plans to make it a Komori subsidiary. 

Since its founding in 1923, Komori has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of offset printing presses. Although Komori has developed the offset printing press business as its core operation, it is currently pushing ahead with transforming its business structure under the Sixth Medium-Term Management Plan (April 2019–March 2024) in line with the plan’s key strategy aimed at expanding Komori’s range of marketing.

In particular, Komori has been focused on developing the Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP) business since 2009. To embody the PESP business approach, Komori launched the marketing of paper cutters, die cutters, blanking machines, pile turning machines and other post-press equipment that supports package printing. These products are greatly helping resolve major issues printing companies are now confronting, such as labor shortages.

MBO Group was founded in 1965 to manufacture paper folding machines, machinery that performs an important post-press process. The MBO Group has operated in this field for more than a half century, successfully commanding a considerable market share in Europe, the United States and elsewhere. Today, the MBO Group boasts plants in two locations in Germany (Oppenweiler in southern Germany and Bielefeld in central Germany) as well as in Portugal. It also operates local subsidiaries in the United States, France and China while maintaining collaboration with a variety of sales partners in countries around the globe. Taking full advantage of these networks, the MBO Group is currently engaged in the marketing of paper folding machines and the provision of after-sales services in more than 60 countries.