During these days, weeks and months of social isolation we are seeing forward-thinking brands step-up and embrace home delivery like never before. They are making sure that people can still get the brands they love, and are gaining advocates while they’re at it.

Dalston’s Soda worked with B&B studio to design flavor-generic outer boxes for shipping that brilliantly reinforce its ‘soda with soul’ brand positioning. The delivery boxes help create further brand love from existing online buyers, while introducing new consumers to the brand’s values and personality.

The boom-box-inspired designs celebrate the brand’s community-focused ethos and reflect its music and cultural origins. The brand began started its life at Passing Clouds, a culturally-rich music venue in Hackney, East London, and the design pays homage to this historic venue through a real sense of nostalgia.

By combining purposeful utility as a shipper with desirable and sharable design, the boxes help create and foster a community of brand advocates that help Dalston’s market the brand. Made entirely from card, the boxes also align with the brand’s sustainable values and commitment to A Plastic Planet – a charity that’s working towards a plastic-free supermarket aisle.

The boom-box shippers show Dalston’s status as the cool player in the craft soda category as it continues its journey from niche start-up to international scale-up.