Nabis, California's largest software-enabled cannabis distributor, announced that the company has entered into an exclusive partnership with Pabst Labs to distribute Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer across California.

The famed Blue Ribbon will now adorn the can of a delicious non-alcoholic THC infused seltzer. Pabst Labs, a company founded by a group of cannabis beverage experts and former Pabst Brewing Company employees were granted the rights to create a line of cannabis infused drinks under the Pabst Blue Ribbon Name. Pabst Labs is looking to break industry ground with the launch of its cannabis infused flavored seltzer, which includes 5mg of THC per can.

Through this agreement, Nabis will be the exclusive distributor of the cannabis-infused drinks in California until 2021. Nabis will be investing heavily in its distribution infrastructure and software platform to ensure that the new product category becomes accessible to a larger pool of cannabis consumers.