With hundreds of articles posted this year, we thought it befitting to share the Top 10, in case you haven't read one yet. Here are the Top 10 that have proven to be the favorites from our online readers this year. Enjoy the look back at these various features.

  1. Making the Switch to Aluminum

  2. Coca-Cola Working on First Paper Bottle

  3.  Impact of COVID-19 on the Packaging Industry

  4. Top 100 Food and Beverage Packaging Companies of 2020

  5.  Dow Announces Packaging Innovation Award Winners

  6.  Plant-Based and Recyclable Plastic Bottles now Enabled with Technology Using Citrus Peel

  7.  The Future of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector

  8.  Nutella® Releases Limited-Edition DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit

  9. Amcor Launches First Recyclable Shrink Bag for Meat and Cheese

  10. interpack 2021 Has Been Canceled