Hoffmann Neopac, a global packaging provider, launched a direct purchase microsite for DigitAll360°, its digital tube decoration service. The new marketplace walks tube customers through a process that includes downloadable design guides and templates, an initial portfolio of stock tubes from 30-50 ml in volume, simple artwork uploads, 3D renderings and a comprehensive pre-purchase artwork check.

Neopac says DigitAll360° was developed to address growing industry demand for high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery. The service prints photorealistic graphics and text on the entire surface of cylindrical containers. Available for a variety of substrates and color palettes, DigitAll360° benefits include:

  • All-around decoration: 360° decoration with no slit or overlap, seam and shoulder printing and highly opaque whites and glosses with vivid displays. On-cap decoration capabilities will be added to the marketplace in the future. 
  • Digital color matching: Up to seven simultaneous colors with white and glossy lacquer at up to 600 DPI resolution. This ultra-wide color gamut and micron-level color registration yields photorealistic images and color matching ideal for half-tones, gradients and other hues.
  • Digital-level variability: Mosaic printing, promotions and prototypes to packages printed in different languages. Digital printing can makes variating decorations or text economical.
  • Quick delivery: Neopac can deliver DigitAll360° products on short lead times.
  • Increased Sustainability: From initial decoration to product manufacturing to consumer recycling, DigitAll360° delivers sustainability enhancements and reduces environmental footprint throughout product lifecycles. Offering a mono-material PE tube portfolio, digital printing can also help lower resource waste and consumption as well as energy and chemicals usage.

“For customers, the new site simplifies the most advanced digital tube printing techniques for an intuitive, step-by-step process to designing and decorating precisely the right tube for products in a variety of sectors, especially ones such as health and beauty where shelf impact is paramount,” says Cornelia Schmid, head of marketing for Hoffmann Neopac. “Importantly, the site’s 3D renderings and comprehensive artwork checks show customers exactly what their finished tubes will look like, eliminating guesswork and providing valuable reassurance.”

For more information visit www.neopac.com.