Epson partner United Automation has created automated labeling applicators integrating the ColorWorks C7500 on-demand color label printer and Epson 6-Axis VT, C-Series and SCARA robot solutions.

The pick-and-place desktop label applicator integrates the ColorWorks C7500 on-demand color label printer and an Epson high-precision SCARA robot to feed, print and apply color labels with accuracy. The labeling and verification machine, which incorporates the ColorWorks C7500 and an Epson 6-Axis robot, features loading, labeling, peel labeling, inspection, verification and unloading functionalities. The labeling and verification machine for prescription bottles can reportedly print and apply up to 600 unique color labels per hour with label placement precision.

"The ColorWorks labeling and verification machine is the first United Automation solution to incorporate color labeling," says Jeff Runge, project manager, United Automation. "Color is becoming increasingly important for retail pharmacies and now, with the ColorWorks integration, we are able to offer customers a comprehensive, automated color labeling device that places labels with precision and accuracy. Plus, the ColorWorks output offers labels with a tremendous shelf life and fade-resistance."

United Automation's ColorWorks labeling and verification machine is designed to help simplify and streamline the process of printing and applying color labels, while first-in, first-out, in addition to inspection and verification technologies, help ensure the correct bottle receives the correct label. With United Automation technology, the machine prints and applies wrap-around as well as folded labels to prescription bottles varying in height and diameter. The inclusion of the ColorWorks C7500 was to provide flexibility for businesses to help reduce waste and decrease costs associated with ordering and maintaining an inventory of pre-printed labels.

Once the bottle is detected in the machine, its barcode and label data are verified before moving along to the label station where it is greeted by its corresponding printed and folded label. After the bottle's manufacturer and patient barcodes are verified, the bottle is moved to the peel label station where its peel label is applied and its barcode and label data are verified once again. If need be, the bottle can be rejected to the reject bin before exiting the machine.

Additional ColorWorks labeling and verification machine features include:

  • Label placed over pre-existing label without covering original barcode and expiration data
  • Text auto-aligned on label based on pre-determined reference point
  • Label position verified at two points in cycle
  • Label height adjusted dynamically based on per-bottle specifications
  • Applicator reads both "picket-fence" and "ladder" type barcodes
  • Folds label and applies removable adhesive tab to maximize print area

Designed to produce full color, high-quality color labels on demand, the ColorWorks C7500 allows for economical production of many unique label designs in short runs, printing variable data up to 11.8 in. per second,1 while reducing the cost and inefficiency of pre-printed labels. Built for reliable, high-quality performance, the C7500 is designed for demanding, high-volume environments that require high-print-quality customized labels at a low cost per label.

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1 Printing in full 1200 x 600 resolution with flush-onto-paper mode enabled. With flush-onto-paper mode disabled, print speed is up to 10.4" per second.