Supply chain operator GEODIS announced that it has partnered with Robopac for an mobile solution designed to increase efficiencies even further.

GEODIS says that its success led to sustained growth and a heightened need for a consistent, mobile solution to increase its pallet wrapping productivity. Its previous large, stationary stretch wrapping system was not optimal because of the need for maximum flexibility to adapt to the company’s customers’ evolving requirements and product size and weight variations. Faced with these challenges,

GEODIS required a solution that would not tax its teammates with manual pallet wrapping processes that would have resulted in inefficiency and increased employee turnover.

The need for mobility and flexibility led GEODIS to partner with Robopac, a provider of end of line packaging equipment. Through a collaborative effort to understand GEODIS’ specific needs, a pilot program was deployed in January 2020 that called for the application of a grid system for outbound dock lanes.

For this application, GEODIS says it is anticipating realizing an ROI within four months, with a projected film savings of 30-40% per pallet. Additional expectations include increased productivity and throughput, significant labor savings by alleviating the need for manual pallet wrapping, employee retention by removing this tedious repetitive task, and wrap consistency that reduces likelihood of product damage by as much as 40%.

Key performance indexes from the pilot program were captured proving the validity of the stretch wrapping technology solution. Teammates are now paired with a Robopac S6 portable stretch wrapping unit effectively increasing throughput. The results are an increase in productivity, consistent reliable wrap quality and teammates who enjoy using the Robot S6 mobile pallet wrapper. The GEODIS network now has eighteen (18) Robopac S6 portable semi-automatic stretch wrappers applying this technology with the expectation of more on the way.

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