The Pharmafill CS2 automated cotton inserter from Deitz features a removable drive system that allows a 360-degree visual wear inspection for fast, easy maintenance. Devised to promote uninterrupted cotton inserting and incentivize preventative maintenance, the self-contained drive system permits ergonomic assessment of the drive belts, chains, chain sprockets, sealed roller bearings, mating rollers and the roller pressure air cylinder linkage without disassembling the entire cotton inserting machine. After any worn parts are replaced, the removable drive system may be slid back into position and returned to service.

Designed for contract packagers and pharmaceutical and nutrition product manufacturers, the Pharmafill CS2 cottoner with removable drive system may be safely extracted with a common wrench and hex keys by removing the rear and one side panel and disconnecting the motors, air cylinder and rollers. This maintenance check is recommended once per year to ensure the cotton feeds smoothly from the roll and tears cleanly at the desired length every time.

The Pharmafill CS2 automatically separates cotton into individual pieces of uniform length from a continuous roll and inserts them into the center of solid dosage bottles. The cottoning machine is designed and manufactured at the company's Wall, N.J., headquarters and delivered with a full warranty.

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