Mitsubishi Electric launched its new website titled “Digital Manufacturing,” which demonstrates a framework that enables management to make decisions on step-by-step investments to maximize profitability and accelerate growth. The company says this approach, called the “Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL),” is a model to help manufacturers navigate their way through the digital morass by defining shared key actions and expected outcomes across their organization, with the target of achieving a high ROI from their digital manufacturing initiatives.

Key Points

  1. Ensures teams shares a clear understanding of digital manufacturing, future goals and to accomplish those using a practical review and planning tool.
  2. Matches steps to a company’s individual needs, budgets, objectives and execution speed.
  3. Utilizes suppliers’ expertise for smooth execution, even for complicated processes.
  4. Benefits from optimal solutions offered through collaboration with global experts.
  5. Introduces examples of how customers achieved real ROI around energy reduction, productivity improvements and cost reductions ranging from 30% to over 90%, with the use of Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory digital manufacturing solutions.

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