The Sav-Ty Resealable End System is a pressure-resistant and leakproof resealable end system for beverage cans. The product was designed to open greater opportunities for sustainable and resealable beverage cans by enabling them to effectively compete with PET and glass bottles as a pack for multi usage drinking occasions. It can reportedly be fitted to any current beverage can end shells or be used on any can size and, therefore, seamed onto standard beverage cans using existing filling equipment without the need to adjust the filling line. Sav-Ty reportedly meets international beverage industry standards and demands for all types of drinks.

The current Sav-Ty prototype, with its two-part injection-moulded plastic design can be clip-assembled or moulded into any beverage can end shell, in which an offset cut-out has been punched. The plastic parts are simpler to produce and, at 3 g, are extremely light. It was ergonomically designed to be easily used by simply flipping up the Sav-Ty tab and twisting a quarter turn to open, drink from the can or pour, and reseal.

The screw cap can be tethered to the anti rotating support, and its integrated soft seal system can also accommodate a wide range of dispensing fitments. These could be reused to reduce the need for single-use plastic.

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