For the family-owned distillery, Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek “Polmos” S.A., that produces the Chopin Vodka brand, it was important that the packaging conveyed the brand ethos. Joanna Dolińczyk, Marketing Coordinator, Chopin Vodka brand explains, “When we were looking for inspiration for the packaging design of our organic product, we wanted to ensure that the packaging reflects its organic production process. Our vision was to create a truly organic and highly ecological packaging included three main goals: purity, whiteness and simplicity.”

The packaging is manufactured using a protective F-flute, with all layers made of lightweight MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright white kraftliner. The all-white litho-laminated packaging has a light and robust structure based on locking flaps that require no glue. No adhesive, combined with minimal coverage of low migration inks with water-based varnishing, resulted in a package that is safe, stylish and easy to recycle. The packaging was manufactured by Prost-Key Packaging in Poland.

The opening mechanism allows the packaging to be opened and closed numerous times with ease, whilst also locking the bottle into place. The curved double folds add strength and reveals the bottle when viewed from the side. The white outer package features the word ‘organic’ embossed on the sides, emphasizing purity.

Iiro Numminen, Structural Packaging Designer, Metsä Board, commented, “The packaging communicates the brand’s promise to the consumer in every way, while the importance of the circular economy is evident with the ease of recyclability.”

The package was designed and tested at Metsä Board’s Excellence Center that utilizes cutting-edge technology for R&D, packaging design, and paperboard and packaging performance. Here the aspiration is to accelerate material and packaging innovation and provide a collaboration platform for customers and technology partners globally.

The packaging is manufactured using the lightweight MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright white kraftliner, produced at Metsä Board Husum mill. Its fresh fibers are 100% traceable to sustainably managed Northern European forests.