What are pizza liners?

Pizza liners, also known as pizza pads or pizza box inserts are made from single face corrugate, which is typically two sheets of paper sandwiched together. Cut to size, these liners are then placed on top of the base of the box and underneath the pizza itself.

Why should I use pizza liners?

A pizza liner may appear to be a relatively basic and perhaps (to some) an unnecessary additional piece of packaging but there are many key points to consider and understand about this understated invention:

1. Food Grade Certified Materials Did you know that pizza boxes unless food grade certified should not come into direct contact with a pizza? Our pizza liners are food grade certified and therefore act as a barrier between greasy, fresh hot cooked pizza and pizza box. They are also manufactured in a BRCGS Grade AA facility.

2. Grease Absorption Pizza grease can turn your pizza box into a soggy mess and also make it unrecyclable. Pizza boxes are touched by the pizza and grease is transferred, that part of the pizza box is no longer able to be recycled. The consumer may put the whole box in the recycling bin, but this part of the cardboard is removed further down the recycling line. The box can also become quite soggy if it is a super-duper greasy indulgent pizza your customer has ordered. With the use of a pizza liner, the grease from the pizza can be absorbed into the liner itself, preventing the box from becoming tainted, unrecyclable or soggy.

3. Temperature Control It may sound far-fetched, but research has been undertaken and concluded that the use of a pizza liner can improve the temperature control of your pizza.

How? The waves of the single face corrugated paper enables warm air to pass below the pizza ensuring longer heat retention. Great for all those deliveries you have to make. 

4. Promotion The pizza liner can be printed! Optimize your touch points with customers by using your pizza pads. It will be seen by everyone digging into the box of your freshly made pizza. Perhaps it’s a promotion you wish to push or a form of customer engagement. The opportunities are endless and very cost effective.

5. Paper Based We agree, once the pizza liner is tainted by the pizza grease, it can no longer be recycled. However, when compared to other products available on the market, the corrugated pizza liner is the most eco-friendly of them all. Paper based and compostable. 

With takeaways at an all-time high, customer experience and engagement is paramount. Customers are becoming more eco-conscious and will change their buying habits based on this element. In addition, customers expect a hot pizza in a box that isn’t soggy in the middle. No matter how greasy the pizza. Pizza liners could make the difference between you and your competitors.