The company, a division of MinMor Industries, has packaging facilities in Mora and Grand Rapids, Minnesota and serves a nationwide clientele in a variety of industries, including retail packaging, nutraceuticals, food and food service, beauty and personal care, as well as major retailers such as Walmart, Target and CVS. The new Komori press replaces two older presses and is delivering greater production capacity than the two older presses combined. Additionally, its advanced automation gives OlymPak the broader flexibility needed for its expanding packaging business. 

Company President Mark Miner stated, “Initially, we thought a digital press would be the best solution to handle our short-run work. However, as we analyzed our return on the investment, we immediately saw the Komori GLX640 as the clear choice. The press can manage both short and long runs and offers amazingly fast changeovers. The speed and efficiencies built into this press will pay for itself in just the time savings alone.”  

OlymPak purchased the GLX640 specifically to meet the increased packaging demands of its high-end retailers, one of the company’s largest market segments. The GX40 is considered Komori’s flagship machine and is equipped with many features that ensure high quality and high productivity and are effective in varied types of package printing. It is an 18,000 sheets-per-hour (sph) workhorse with fully automated makeready that includes auto plate load and all washup functions. The press is also equipped with the Komori AI software package that essentially “learns” what settings were effective last time and then uses those settings to home in faster on the next job.  

The company takes pride in having top-of-the-line printing equipment that allows its innovative design and print teams to adapt to trends in the industry and offer unique packaging solutions to its customers. For example, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, OlymPak saw a significant spike for safe, functional food and health-related packaging. OlymPak plans to use the GLX640 to meet these new demands and produce packaging that always reflects considerable innovation in design and purpose.  

 OlymPak is a long-time Komori customer, having depended on Komori presses since the 1990s. “Even though we did our due diligence before purchasing this new press, Komori always captured the lead position,” Miner said. “Our entire team is excited about this press. Its capabilities are amazing and it’s simply going to be a game-changer for our business.