PDI Healthcare announced its new Dual Access Lid for its canister packaging, designed to improve the convenience of disinfecting wipes with faster and easier access. 

The company says that today’s fast-paced healthcare environment demands quicker and easier access to disinfecting wipes in order to maintain infection prevention protocol, but too often canister lids slow users down. The narrow lid opening can make it difficult to dispense wipes and the cap can be difficult to close so it’s frequently left open, leading to wipes drying out.

The wide opening of the Dual Access Lid is designed to ensure users pull the appropriate number of wipes for the job, allowing them to dispense one wipe for small surfaces or multiple wipes for larger surfaces, with rapid threading in case of fall back. The flip cap is designed with “Snap & Close” technology to snap securely in place with just one tap and the definitive open/close positions provide better moisture protection. 

“PDI is focused on the next generation of products that will make a difference, and that includes packaging innovation,” says Earl Adamy, senior director of marketing. “Too often we observed customers struggle with canister lids including, loading the first wipe, dispensing multiple wipes and leaving lids open. We felt that with some innovation, we could address these issues and improve the customer experience. The Dual Access Lid has a tremendous impact on saving staff time and reducing frustration so nurses can focus on what matters most—their patients.” 

The Dual Access Lid is being integrated in every PDI disinfecting wipe canister, beginning with Super SANI-CLOTH wipes.

Visit www.wearepdi.com for more information.