Yangi has introduced its new innovative fiber-based container lid as part of its dry formed product portfolio. Designed to meet the consumer's growing preference for environmentally conscious options, the container lid caters to the packaging needs of dry and ambient food products. Packaging producers and brands can now provide a timely solution for sustainable packaging requirements by adopting Yangi’s dry forming manufacturing technology, which is now ready for machine orders. 

Crafted from 100% renewable material, Yangi’s cellulose-based container lids fit seamlessly into recycling systems worldwide. The lid delivers a premium tactile experience with high-resolution embossing and debossing features available for branding opportunities, combining superior aesthetics with environmental responsibility. Engineered with circularity in mind, it supports sustainable practices, making it an even wiser choice. 

“Yangi’s dry forming technology enables brands and packaging producers to enhance their product offerings while advancing their sustainability goals in emissions reduction, circularity, and environmental footprint.” says Hanna Rüdel, Chief Commercial Officer at Yangi. “Our new container lids provide a significant competitive advantage, meeting market demands as consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly packaging in their purchasing decisions.”

Cellera, Yangi’s dry forming manufacturing technology, is currently up and running in the company’s new state-of-the-art production facility in Varberg, Sweden. With a fully industrialized platform in place, Yangi can now showcase the viability of its technology on a large scale, and in collaboration with customers and partners validate product concepts, aiming to launch compelling offerings in the market. Yangi is currently qualifying investments in its commercial machine platform, giving select partners first-movers advantage in the market.

To facilitate the shift to dry forming, Yangi provides a wide array of services, offering everything from guiding product portfolio exploration to providing product design consultancy, transforming ideas and concepts into viable business cases. Additionally, Yangi offers subscription-based materials and customized recipes, leveraging and transferring its extensive expertise in fibers and dry forming accumulated over decades.

With Yangi's turnkey manufacturing solution and comprehensive suite of services, packaging producers and brands receive support at every step of the process. From initial product development to post-machine installation, it strives to ensure that the transition to dry forming is smooth and straightforward.

“Today, we are proud to announce a new addition to Yangi’s portfolio: container lids for dry and ambient food. While this marks an important step in further validating Yangi’s dry forming technology, we are continuously innovating to further develop more advanced product offers and barrier properties, meeting the evolving demands of the food industry,” says Johann Kaiser, CEO at Yangi.