1. Dawn EZ-Squeeze is one of P&G’s most researched and tested products in the company’s history within the dish soap category. In the research phase, what were some key discoveries? 
We found from our research that dishwashing is the #2 most hated household chore – and that’s right behind cleaning the bathroom! With this, we were eager to innovate our packaging and products so consumers can get the job done quickly and easily, while still achieving that deep clean you get from Dawn. Our research also showed that people go to extreme lengths to get every drop of Dawn, often resulting in wasted time, sticky messes, and frustration. With this, we designed Dawn EZ-Squeeze to stand on its cap and dispense from the bottom using a first-of-its-kind self-sealing valve that protects against leakages, allowing people to make the most of every drop.

  1. Can you explain the testing process?


Our testing process is all about the consumer. We’re focused on observing and improving people’s experience with our products. Our global R&D organization is constantly evaluating new designs, technologies and formulations to improve the dishwashing experience for everyone. Dawn EZ-Squeeze is one of Dawn’s most researched and rigorously tested products in the brand’s history. The innovative no-flip cap, bottle, formulation, and multiple patents, are a result of many years of work, thousands of design iterations, and hundreds of thousands of hours of testing.


  1. Can you share any of the consumer feedback? 


During our extensive consumer testing, we saw a lot of enthusiasm over the updated packaging. Additionally, we heard from people with disabilities or limited dexterity that the new EZ-Squeeze bottle allows greater ease of use and accessibility due to its one-handed dispensing model. Some verbatims include:

  • “The ease of use is amazingly different from a regular bottle of dish detergent. Especially with someone like me who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and needs things a bit more convenient.”   
  • “I hate waiting on a bottle to drain down and trying to figure out how to hold it in place while it does. To have a bottle that you don’t have to fight sounds amazing.”   
  • “I hate when I have to throw away bottles that still have liquid in them.”


  1. What (if any) of that feedback was implemented into the bottle design?


We love hearing from consumers during the testing process. We listen and consider their feedback as we iterate on packaging designs. It’s a measure of how well we are meeting our design intent to create delightful packaging. It's phenomenal to see how much consumers love the new packaging because of its convenient and easy-to-use design. 


  1. I often turn my Industrial-size jug of dishwasher detergent upside-down and prop it up to get all of the detergents out. Any plans on inverting that or any other brand? 


P&G prioritizes continuous innovation and actively listens to the people who use our products. Our ongoing efforts to build a better dish soap bottle have been reinforced by people asking brands to redesign their bottles, making them easier to use from the first to the last drop. We are certainly planning the innovation of P&G’s other brands to meet the consumers’ needs.