Many traditional bug repellants lean heavily on DEET to keep bugs away. There is an ongoing debate regarding the safety of DEET applied directly to the skin. Regardless of the specific details — which are still forthcoming — the development team at Dr. Doug's Balms decided to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. Instead, they focused on another potent and powerful bug repellant: lemongrass.

"Our formula leans on lemongrass essential oils," explains company co-founder "Dr. Doug" Strobel, "Lemongrass is a natural bug repellent. This gives people the ability to avoid annoying, potentially dangerous bug bites without the need to douse themselves in chemicals on a daily basis. Most importantly, there's NO DEET. That means there's no chance of irritation, redness, or swelling in response to applying our repellent."

Strobel goes on to explain that his Bug Potion repellent doesn't just keep the bugs away. It also detoxifies the skin and even smells great, too. This is because the formula adds lemongrass to the brand's popular Miracle Balm formula — which includes skincare staples, such as vitamin E, extra virgin olive oil, and peppermint and lavender essential oils.

This combination of skincare and bug repellent ingredients allows individuals to use the product both as a skincare tool and a bug repellent.

Along with this elegant, organic, and all-natural solution to the summer bug issue, Strobel and his team have also combined their Miracle Balm + Zinc sunblock formula with their Bug Potion to create the brand's popular Bug Potion + Clear Zinc. This delivers all of the aforementioned anti-bug properties while also providing the natural sun-blocking effects of zinc.

"The Bug Potion + Zinc formula is the best of both worlds," Strobel reports, "It protects you from harmful UV rays and sunburn, keeps the bugs away, and doesn't require a single ounce of any chemical substances." The product is a 2-in-1 sunscreen and bug repellent solution that is perfect for nature lovers, children with sensitive skin, and anyone who plans on spending time outdoors this summer.