The fully-compostable packaging is currently available in Canada, and the company is transitioning to compostable drams as well as executing a massive supply chain overhaul in the US. All of the materials used in the Canadian packaging are certified compostable, biodegradable and made from renewable resources like BioPBS, Woodpulp, and Bio Resins -- including all adhesives, zippers, and inks.

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry produces an excessive amount of waste and that single-use packaging that isn’t easily recycled, or in many cases, not recyclable at all.

As a cannabis company, Wyld acknowledges they are part of the problem. That is why the company is redesigning plastic dram and bottles with more environmentally friendly, compostable materials, as well as launching fully-compostable pouches in Canada and emerging markets.

Converting to more sustainable packaging is one step closer to the goal of Net Zero emissions. This comes alongside the initiatives Wyld aims to complete by the end of next year. Some of these initiatives are: continuing to fund nonprofits, organizing environmental projects and volunteering opportunities through our Community Relations department; vetting supply-chain further upstream; and continually incorporating energy-efficient appliances, lights, and equipment in all facilities.