Videojet Technologies recently announce the global launch of V4250 ink. This black, no-MEK, continuous inkjet (CIJ) ink delivers lower make-up consumption than typical MEK-based inks and is designed to penetrate the condensation common on cold-fill, non-returnable beverage packaging. V4250 is ideal for use in high-speed applications on a wide variety of materials such as glass, plastic bottles and cans, particularly in hot and humid environments and on substrates with moisture present due to cold filling, refrigeration or freezing.

As an alternative-solvent ink containing no acetone, methanol, or CMRs (carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins), V4250 is a safer, more sustainable option than MEK-based inks. This ink also delivers up to 50 percent less make-up fluid consumption than previous Videojet ink formulations for beverage containers, reducing VOCs and printer touches due to cartridge replacement. With fewer cartridges, plastic and cardboard waste is also reduced, while the overall cost is comparable to using V4210 ink, a common MEK-based Videojet ink. 

V4250 ink can penetrate a thin layer of condensation, making it ideal for coding and marking cold-fill food and beverage packaging, such as aluminum cans and kegs, coated aluminum and steel bottle caps, two and three-piece tin-free steel cans, stainless steel kegs, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polystyrene and non-returnable glass. The ink can also survive pasteurization and retort processes, and is resistant to acids, bases, mineral spirits and oils. This new ink delivers performance similar to Videojet V4210 ink, and customers currently using V4210 can convert to V4250 immediately with a simple cartridge change; an ink system flush is not required.

This new ink is designed specifically for use in productive and easy-to-use Videojet CIJ printers, like the

Videojet 1580, to print high-quality codes, text, expiration dates, logos and bar codes, including 2D DataMatrix, even at high speeds and in continuous production environments.

V4250 ink is part of the Videojet iQMark family of supplies. These fluids are responsibly designed and manufactured to maximize contrast, adhesion and uptime while meeting global safety, environmental and regulatory requirements. Every batch is tested to help ensure that it meets strict Videojet quality control specifications. With a variety of inks to choose from, Videojet experts help customers choose the ink best suited to their individual application requirements.