8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery and Bayou City Hemp Company are making history––again: The two organizations are partnering to create 8th Wonder Cannabis, a groundbreaking brand offering hemp, hops, beverages, and more as a brick-and-mortar dispensary, premier producer, and consumption lounge.

The Houston-based initiative marks the first partnership between a cannabis manufacturer and distributor and brewery in the U.S. 8th Wonder Cannabis is poised to launch products not just in Texas, but across the country.

Every 8th Wonder Cannabis outpost will carry a range of products, including gummies, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and flowers, as well as water-soluble options such as additives, nano-shots, and seltzers.

The beverages were the first THC and CBD seltzers in Texas, and numbered among the first of their kind in the country. Additions to the line followed, including seltzers such as Bun B's Trillionaire, Third Coast's Beach Break and Mixer Elixir's Ranch Water, Botanical Greyhound and Blackberry Bramble. Wonder Water has been the top-selling to-go product at 8th Wonder since the seltzers' debut, underscoring the drinks' high quality and market's skyrocketing demand.

Texas leads the growing movement of hemp-derived, Farm Bill-Compliant THC beverages, and the 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp partnership has vertically integrated the entire value chain from production to distribution and fulfillment. Both 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp maintain industry-leading production standards, relying on premium ingredients and a meticulous refinement process. Research and development underpins both companies and will guide 8th Wonder Cannabis as well: A key member of the Bayou City Hemp team holds a PhD in chemistry, while one of 8th Wonder's core leaders holds a PhD in beverage sciences. 


House Bill 1325, enacted three years ago, legalized the manufacturing, distribution and sale of consumable hemp products in Texas. The legislation followed passage of the federal Farm Bill in December 2018, which redefined hemp as a low-THC cannabis product with 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC and removed it from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act.