FOX IV Technologies, an internationally-known company focusing on automated labeling and coding, has just announced the release of a new print and apply system that will allow customers to produce their labels in high-definition color. The emergence of the Fox IV C9100 system marks an innovative shift in the industry, as customers were previously limited to black-and-white or pre-printed options that didn’t offer much precision. 


Classified as an Epson® ColorWorks® C6000 label printer, FOX IV’s C9100 system features a solid aluminum, anodized center-wall and base for accurate label placement, an industrial applicator mechanism that is customizable to the application, and an in-line label waste rewind system to keep the production area neat.


"The Epson® printers allow for a lot of flexibility with labeling," said Ed Fox, FOX IV Sales Director. "Each label can be unique to the product or customer. This allows manufacturers to personalize their labeling. Additionally, new label designs are immediately available without the wait for pre-printed labels - they can simply create their own. When incorporated with the FOX IV applicator design, you get a color label print and apply system that is accurate and reliable."


The C9100 can print labels up to 4.25" wide with a print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is suitable for most labeling applications, and it includes additional benefits like the ability to streamline label stock, eliminate waste from obsolete labels, and increase visual appeal. 


The C9100 is also compact enough to add to production lines or be incorporated into a dedicated labeling station. 


"The footprint is small relative to full robotic labeling systems, making it ideal for small to medium sized manufacturers," said Fox. "Because it can be configured for fully-automatic or semi-automatic operation, depending on the customer's needs, the C9100 can be placed directly on to a production line or incorporated into a dedicated labeling station."


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