Innovia Films, a leading manufacturer of polypropylene film, has announced a new communication campaign that emphasizes the company’s commitment to creating sustainable and recyclable materials for use in consumer packaging, labels, and graphic films.  

The “Better Future” campaign will be rolled out globally in the coming months, and it will be at the center of all communication and marketing ventures moving forward, including on social media and at trade fairs. 

“We chose a very clean and modern design to reflect how current our work and film portfolio is for many industries," said Marika Knorr, Innovia’s Head of Sustainability & Communications. "As we are a global company with customers in many countries, we wanted the campaign to be a universal one – we are proud to have achieved this and that the ‘look and feel’ of the campaign works in all regions."

The campaign aligns with Innovia’s enduring focus on progress and innovation within the packaging industry, as the company has been operating for over 90 years and continues to play an integral role in material science. 

“The development of sustainable packaging solutions and the implementation on a larger scale is in full swing,” said Simon Huber, Managing Director Innovia Films Europe. “We have many exciting new developments to offer for applications such as polypropylene film for mono-material pouches and also polyolefin films that are used for low density shrink sleeves that automatically detach from PET bottles and float in the recycling process…all of these examples illustrate how we see a better future for packaging without risking food waste.”

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