Source Wurx, a printed packaging facilitator in the food & beverage sector, has been selected by a major private label food manufacturer to enhance packaging graphics and color management. Source Wurx already manages over 8,000 SKUs for this manufacturer, and the company has now been tasked with reducing the cost of graphics and navigating a chaotic supply chain landscape. 

By working with Source Wurx, the private label food manufacturer is expected to save up to 50% in design and prepress costs compared to its internal process, and it will tighten overall production protocols as well. 

With the importance of file ownership in printed packaging, Source Wurx’s turnkey approach will streamline several processes for the private label manufacturer, like file control, flexibility, and version control.  

“With so much outside of our control, in the past few years clients have experienced fires, security hacks, acquisitions that have caused negative consequences,” said Leslie Williams, Vice President of Business Development for Source Wurx. “Managing digital assets with a third party partner enables Source Wurx to effectively and efficiently move business from one printer to another for contingency planning purposes.”

Given the ever-changing nature of the food & beverage sector when it comes to nutrition transparency protocols, ingredient formations and overarching designs must be flexible when it comes to printed packaging. With this in mind, Source Wurx manages version control with a coding system that ensures printers use the most recently updated and correct file for each application. 

Source Wurx will also be involved in the private label manufacturer’s printed packaging color, where the company will ensure color standard consistency and quality. 

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