Pactiv Evergreen, a leading manufacturer of fresh food and beverage packaging, has announced a partnership with AmSty, a leading manufacturer of polystyrene and a pioneer in circular recycling of polystyrene, in an effort to help major food brands achieve important sustainability goals.

With both companies being heavily operated in North America, Pactiv Evergreen will soon offer customers innovative foam polystyrene packaging products with AmSty’s post-consumer recycled content derived from advanced recycling technologies.

“Pactiv Evergreen produces thousands of products in more than a dozen materials that protect, package and display fresh food and beverages,” said Eric Wulf, president of Pactiv Evergreen’s food merchandising business unit. “Our broad material expertise enables us to support our customers quickly and effectively as they seek more sustainable products. Our collaboration with AmSty expands our portfolio of circular packaging, and we’re pleased to offer this solution to our customers.”

The recycled polystyrene used in this partnership has been certified by ISCC PLUS, an organization that boasts an internationally recognized certification process for circular content that audits the supply chain from end-to-end.

“We are excited to collaborate with Pactiv Evergreen in this groundbreaking effort. With our post-consumer polystyrene recycling process now certified by ISCC, we can introduce and scale up polystyrene circularity in a meaningful way,” said Tim Barnette, vice president of polymers and sustainability for AmSty. “As brands look toward more sustainable food merchandising and packaging options, polystyrene foam makes sense. Its lightweight and performance qualities make it a desirable material. Now, with the addition of circular content through advanced recycling, it makes even more sense.”

Pactiv Evergreen will begin offering customers the ability to purchase the new packaging in the first half of 2023.

“It’s rewarding to support our customers in their efforts to have a positive impact on the environment,” said Lynn Dyer, chief sustainability and public affairs officer for Pactiv Evergreen. “We’re committed to our company’s purpose of ‘Packaging a Better Future’ by providing innovative, sustainable solutions. This new material furthers progress on our goal that by 2030, 100% of our products will be made with recycled, recyclable or renewable materials.”

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