I stumbled across the Chocolate Passport at my local Trader Joe’s near my house in Royal Oak, MI. I think I literally stopped dead in my tracks over how unique (and ok, adorable) the packaging is. The passport box holds eight different chocolate bars, from around the world. With flavors profiles from Peru, Venezuela and Papau New Guinea, each bar is a different dark chocolate variety, presumably from that region. Each bar has a different color scheme unique to each variety.

The box that holds the bars is really something. The blue ‘leather look’ gives it the perfect passport feel and the silver foil printing is spot on to a real passport. The ship design on the cover makes you feel like this is a truly worldly treat that will take you away to a chocolate destination.

As soon as I spotted it, I knew that I had to buy it! It’s uses were endless... it will make the perfect gift or even just the perfect treat for myself, or I can put it out on Christmas for the whole family to try! The chocolate passport is a holiday packaging (read: limited edition) and retails for $9.99, only at Trader Joe’s. But beware; it is just about too cool to give away as a gift and way too adorable to eat. For now the passport makes a perfect addition to my desk as I mentally travel to Peru to try their local chocolate. If I stare at it long enough though, I may just get swept away enough to try a bite.