The ‘green’ movement definitely had its 15-minutes of fame, which probably spanned a few years. Is it just me or does it seem like the buzz is dying down? More and more companies have adapted new eco-conscious plans into their corporate strategies. More recycled materials are making their way into our food and beverage packages, more light weighting can be seen, especially in water bottles and more recycling efforts are in place for consumers and manufacturers alike. Are we as a society placing less importance on being green or is it simply more mainstream so there is less hype surrounding it?

Just today I came across a survey from Asia Pulp & Paper ( about Americans and their desire for more sustainable paper and product packaging options. According to the study,more than half of Americans (56%) want more sustainable options for paper and packaging products they purchase, and 42% of Americans are even willing to pay more for these options. An astounding 71% of Americans say that a product’s sustainable attributes (such as chlorine-free, certified as deforestation-free, made from recycled materials, etc.) influence paper and package purchasing decisions.

Not surprisingly, 63% of Millennials prefer these options more than any other generation. Fifty-two percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for earth-friendly / deforestation-free / sustainable paper products or products in such packaging. So while the buzz may have died down, consumers are still making their voices heard and are still demanding a more environmentally conscious approach to packaging.