With each new year, fresh trends and ideas emerge, while old ways begin to fade. This pattern holds true for the world of packaging, where we see retro styles being reinvented and stale applications being replaced by new, creative innovations.

Living up to the saying “everything old is new again,” we’ve recently seen logo and brand design give a nod to nostalgia with handwritten and hand-drawn graphics that incorporate old-style typeface, colors and even distressed packaging reminiscent of times past. This throwback feel has resonated with consumers, who often identify the brand as more approachable, trusted and reliable.

Hyper-functional packaging is making headway as one of the most prevalent trends of the year (and, if we had to guess, it won’t be waning anytime soon). Packaging has always been about housing and protecting product, ensuring its safety during transportation from store to home. But now many packaging designers are thinking about what happens once the customer gets home and engages with the product. For example, a food carryout container easily transforms into a plate with a couple quick folds, which is proves to not only be functional, but fun! 

More evidence of reversion to an earlier time, Kraft paper has become quite popular again; while it was once used as a cost-effective way to package meats and products in early 20th-century general stores, Kraft paper is making a fresh comeback due to its tendency to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. In addition, Kraft paper has high elasticity and is highly tear resistant.

As with all trends, some will stand the test of time while others will fade out quickly. Make sure to choose a design and packaging solution that is true to your brand, while remaining current, innovative and engaging. For more, go to: www.centuryflexpkg.com