Lately I cannot get through a work day without hearing something about the importance of packaging’s functionality and ease of use. New products frequently launch in new packaging formats simply to address consumer complaints. Senior-friendly packaging is a hot topic right now as an aging population finds everyday items difficult-to-open… items like blister packs, shrink-sleeved beverages and various food packaging. Seniors aren’t the only ones complaining about difficult-to-open packaging. 

How important is user-friendliness with packaging? While perusing Amazon last week, I happened upon a category called hassle-free packaging. I was looking at bed sheets and I could organize the findings by category, such as design, price, materials, etc. And another category option: frustration-free packaging was listed. My first thought was ‘that’s its own category?’ Never mind the sheets themselves; consumers want to know that once they receive them, they can actually open the package. I am blown away by how big this movement is getting and am impressed by packagers and retailers that are helping satisfy this burgeoning demand.

All segments are faced with this dilemma, but perhaps none more so than the pharmaceutical/ medical packaging segment. This segment, more than ever, has to be cognizant of the packaging used. Child-resistance is a must when discussing blister packs and medication bottles. But while that is important, an equally important consideration is senior-friendly packaging of those same items. It is a balance that must be struck to satisfy the whole family structure of consumers.

Packagers must listen to the common consumer complaints and trade up current cumbersome packaging for modern and easy-to-use, open and close packaging.