Subscription packaging has boomed in 2018, and it’s not just in cosmetics and male grooming products, pet food has also seen a major uplift in popularity. 

Consumers today are all about convenience, so having scheduled deliveries has become an essential part of the online shopping experience, making it even easier for pet owners to treat their furry friends without trying to remember to pick up their favorite snacks in the supermarket.

A Growing Trend

What makes subscription boxes unique is there customizability, and the subscription box packaging needs to reflect this versatility. Allowing customers to pick and choose what they want to receive in their subscription boxes will create the extra presence of value and will keep subscriptions at a higher retention rate.

Particularly popular with millennials, subscription boxes will continue to trend upwards in 2019 as convenience and health concerns continue to be primary motives for young professionals to use cat and dog delivery subscriptions.

Maintaining an Innovative Edge

A market in rapid growth presents its own set of challenges. In a crowded market, it is important to have that creative flair and innovative edge. A crucial step in the strategy is finding a packaging partner that can deliver the perfect solution and who understands the market.

This expert knowledge will ensure a subscription box solution is delivered in the correct size, weight, material and sturdy enough to withstand transit.

Best practice is to find a supplier who has similar values to your own and a great track record of delivering quality packaging solutions.

How to Remain Innovative in a Crowded Market

Econsultancy states that there has been an increase of website visits by 800 percent to subscription brand websites in just three years. A staggering increase and a clear trend on the rise but presents a whole new set of challenges of remaining competitive in a crowded environment.

It’s beginning to become more challenging for brands to stand out, especially for pet food brands, as consumers often care for their pets like their children.

Personalized experiences are the key focus, providing pet owners with products that will benefit their pets without them thinking too hard about it. For example, asking if their pets suffer from any medical conditions on sign up and providing suitable products based on the specific requirements.

This, however, presents a challenge for packaging. Versatile packaging solutions that allow online retailers to pack products easily and safely into a postal ready box, no matter what the customer requires will streamline the process without sacrificing personalization.


A Buying Experience

Part of the experience of a subscription box is the presentation and perceived premium value of the service the customer is receiving. The best pet food subscription boxes include more than just the standard treats. The most popular pet subscription boxes include treats, toys and grooming products for our four-legged friends.

But what makes the buying experience feel premium?

It starts with a quality corrugated cardboard packaging solution with powerful branding. Marrying up great packaging with a great product with as much convenience as possible creates a “wow” factor that will keep customer coming back for more.

Outlook in 2019

Whilst keeping in mind that subscription boxes are going to see continued growth throughout 2019, so is the environmentally conscious consumer. This means that pet food manufacturers should think about their overall carbon footprint and this also applies when selecting a packaging provider.

While you can calculate the exact measurements of the subscription boxes you need, it’s important to think about the packaging suppliers environmental policies and how they match with your companies values. Select a partner that has great environmentally friendly initiatives such as generating their own electricity and waste reduction policies. Responsibly sourcing your packaging for an FSC certified UK supplier will be a great badge to wear in 2019. 

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