With the holiday season upon us, it is critical to address custom packaging design and production now, if you haven’t already. Coordinating custom packaging takes time.

Christmas is around the corner and Black Friday only one month away, most companies are ramping up for the season. Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day over the past few years, but it's now becoming the biggest shopping week, with some stores starting sales the Monday before Thanksgiving. Then comes Cyber Monday, another event which is also becoming more than just one day, and, of course, Christmas.

Not only do organizations need to manage deadlines and logistics but also have products custom packaged and ready for shipment before the storm hits. "Whether you have a new product launch, specific holiday product, promotion or just want to spice up your presentation for the season, the time is now to start the process," says Bob Peek, CEO and founder of Peek Packaging

Some ways to change year-round packaging can be as simple as placing a label on an existing product or producing a sleeve that slides over a current package to create an artsy, holiday look. The options are endless with custom packaging services. 

Before the season is here, find a company who can produce fully printed mock-ups of your packaging. Whether your goal is to increase sales or brand awareness, this is a great way to bring your products more attention. Mock-ups can be used prior to launch for marketing purposes or to receive feedback from buyers. However, this being such a busy time of year, the time to start is now.

During the season, lead times will be longer and companies will want their packaging as soon as possible. "Large retailers of the world have orders coming from China and cargo ships reserved for this push, so let us help with these lead times and supply your packaging with less worry. Don’t procrastinate on the opportunity to meet your goals this season and stay competitive," explains Issac Val Verde, VP of sales at Peek Packaging.