In the past, the graphic division at Cardbox Packaging focused on the adaptation of carton segment data only for customers in the dairy industry.

The growing volume of orders demanded a bigger workforce, which led to new investments in various processes helping to improve external collaboration as well as internal dynamics. In order to market the acquired skills effectively, the portfolio of the offered services to different brand owners has been expanded. Among others, the new Digital Business Unit is now offering a wide range of 3D visualizations or creative works.

Formation of the Unit started in the second half of 2022, and the Unit consists of seven graphic designers today. All digital-related operations now belong under the Digital Business Unit, which brings advantages primarily in a form of process unification. More than ever, Cardbox Packaging can claim that it packs from idea to realization, including value-added services.


Every process starts with the company’s customized data management software. Since the beginning of the packaging life cycle, data are stored and backed up online within the company’s internal system. This customized tool enables customers to manage their data online at any time at any part of the process, which makes the whole cooperation transparent and trackable, resulting in 0% unapproved artwork complaints.


At the beginning of the packaging process, it is desirable to create a packaging construction with fitted graphic design, either from scratch or by adjusting the completed artwork to be printed. Any packaging design trend could be part of the customer’s product, and any artwork can be ready to print within 48 hours.

Long experience with warping is Cardbox Packaging’s significant competitive advantage. It ensures faultless fitting of artwork for rounded products, such as cups, bottles or bowls. The additional prepress actions also include complete color management, image adjustments, trapping, bleed or EAN validation.


Launching a new product or changing an existing product carries a number of risks, especially investment risks. However, these risks can be easily mitigated via 3D visualization of the final product itself or as a store/shelf visualization. The desired product can thus be easily evaluated before production. A realistic mock-up of customers’ packaging is now a standard part of Cardbox Packaging’s graphic design services.


The implemented control processes and mechanisms guarantee error-free data processing, which is the key to the entire job. Since Cardbox Packaging enables all services related to the production of the packaging, customers do not need another supplier for the successful execution of the order. All steps are properly interlinked. As a result, there is no waste of incorrectly printed material.

About Cardbox Packaging

Cardbox Packaging is an international producer of high-quality and sophisticated cardboard packaging in the luxury and branded goods sector, with a particular emphasis on the food industry.

Maintaining the highest-quality standards and ensuring customer satisfaction are the company’s top priorities. Cardbox Packaging benefits from its lean structure with locations in Austria (Wolfsberg and Pinkafeld), the Czech Republic (Zádveřice), Serbia (Belgrade), and the United States (Pittston, Pa.). It is an attractive, expert partner for the European and American markets, particularly in the confectionery, food, cosmetics, and healthcare sectors.