Minute Maid, the world’s largest juice brand, has unveiled a unified brand strategy, visual identity and campaign as part of a new, overarching global identity rolling out in 2023.

The juice brand, owned by The Coca-Cola Company, goes by different names across more than 100 global markets, such as Minute Maid in the U.S., Cappy in Europe and Africa, and del Valle in Latin America. In 2023, for the first time in its 77-year history, the brand will harmonize its global juice portfolio under one consistent look and feel with the new campaign: Filled with Life™. Minute Maid, by any name, will present a consistent experience across the globe.

"We started with the aim of making seasonal orange juice available year-round and have since evolved into being a much-loved staple in family kitchens. Today, the brand is enjoyed by many worldwide, but the brand experience can vary depending on where you encounter it," said Rapha Abreu, Global Vice President of Design, The Coca-Cola Company. "We felt the Minute Maid family was due for an elevation to the icon it truly is. With this move, we are thinking about our brand holistically — developing a flexible global design system centered on what makes Minute Maid unique — and defining and evolving our distinctive assets so that they can be adopted locally to connect with consumers around the world."

The Filled with Life™ campaign recognizes that people today lead busy lives. It can be easy to get caught up in set routines and go through the motions. All juices in the Minute Maid family of brands are on a mission to inject great taste and refreshment into people’s daily lives to help them stop, sip and celebrate. This mission now shines through in the new brand identity with the selection of warm, lively colors inspired by nature and energizing photography to capture attention instantly and evoke the feeling of enjoyment.


Minute Maid Juice Packages
A look at Minute Maid’s branding before the 2023 update.
Courtesy of JKR Global


With different variations and flavors available across the Minute Maid juice portfolio, consumers in each market have options for how they choose to enjoy. For breakfast, they can greet the day with nourishment; at other mealtimes, they can complement dishes with tasty and refreshing options; throughout the day, they can take breaks to invigorate their senses with pulpy textures and lively flavors. Minute Maid’s new brand identity, encompassing all brand communications and visual presentations, takes an elegant and unique approach to fulfill the consumer’s need with ingredient depiction, color, illustration and product characteristics.

“We know from consumer research that drinking juice is about more than just the taste; it’s about hydration, nourishment, indulgence and more,” said Katalin Czigler, Global Brand Strategy Director, Minute Maid. “The experience people get from drinking Minute Maid makes them feel good. Minute Maid wanted to bring that to life visually and in our communications worldwide. This perfectly reflects our brand mission to help anyone, anywhere and at any time, feel alive, which is needed now more than ever. ”


Minute Maid International Packages
Minute Maid is known by many different names all over the world.
Courtesy of JKR Global


The identity and campaign was two years in the making, made in collaboration with global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), Grey, VMLY&R and Landor & Fitch.

The new global brand identity and campaign will be rolling out in 2023 and will be delivered via an end-to-end experience that varies by market but may include TV and digital out-of-home advertising, online video, social media content and on-ground experiences.

To learn more about Minute Maid, please visit https://www.minutemaid.com/