Ireland-based Nomadic is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a bold new look and an ambitious growth plan. Working with Dungannon-based Greiner Packaging, it has also launched a new Protein+ Granola range in a recognizable and iconic packaging format.

“Nomadic began to develop the Protein+ Granola project before Covid, when we started to think about what consumers were looking for in the yogurt category,” says Nomadic Marketing Manager Bethan Miles. “We realized that there was growing awareness around gut-health and with the advent of Covid, there was also a big shift towards focusing on immunity support.

“Yogurt has natural positive health benefits, is inherently nourishing, and is also a great carrier for added benefits such as vitamins and gut-friendly cultures. We worked with a nutritionist and identified that there is a tendency towards vitamin D deficiency in the UK and Ireland.

“So, we set out to develop a product that would really make a difference. Protein+ Granola is designed to support immunity, is high in protein and features our gut-friendly cultures, plus the recommended daily intake of vitamin D in each portion.

“There has been a growing interest in protein foods and with Protein+ Granola we have produced a nourishing convenience food which is accessible in terms of protein but does a better job on taste, making it more widely available to everyday consumers, not just your hardcore gym goers.”

Flipping the packaging concept on its head

“Just like our hero Yogurt & Oat Clusters range, Protein+ Granola is taste prioritized with accessible flavors and is designed to be eaten on the go with no preparation. The packaging is therefore crucial to the product’s success.

“Our iconic top-hat bowl packaging format – with spoon – for our category leading Yogurt & Oat Clusters, is instantly recognizable and very popular with our consumers, so developing a similar pack for the new product line was essential.

“The new pack is an upside-down version of the familiar and best-selling Yogurt & Oat Clusters, literally flipping the packaging on its head. We worked closely with our existing supplier Greiner Packaging to find a way to achieve that while also ensuring it fitted easily into our existing capabilities in the factory.

“The process of developing the new packaging was more straightforward than expected as Greiner Packaging already had tooling which was able to be repurposed. I should also add that all our packaging is 100% recyclable and labelled accordingly,” concludes Bethan Miles.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – and repurpose

“Creating this new packaging for Nomadic is exciting as it gives us a chance to remind existing and potential customers that in our vault, we have a huge range of tooling which can easily be repurposed to create new innovative packaging,” says Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland Sales Director Julie Eller.

“At a time when brands may have reduced budgets, this creates the opportunity to be agile and introduce new packaging variations without the associated initial costs and delays.

“Taking Nomadic’s iconic bowl design and almost literally turning it on its head took some clever engineering, but with sustainability always top of mind for Greiner, being able to create new packaging using less energy is a positive benefit.

“We have actively championed the mantra of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ for many years – and with this project we have had the chance to demonstrate that we can add ‘Repurpose’ to this important list.”

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