Creature Comforts Brewing Company, a craft brewery based in Athens, Ga., designed and launched its new Bigger Dreams Hazy IPA brand using industry-leading biometric research from Package InSight by Quad. Just four weeks after its launch, Bigger Dreams became the number-one new craft beer brand in Georgia, based on in-store scan data from retail research firm Circana. 

Founded in 2014, Creature Comforts Brewing sought to address the perennial marketing problem of differentiation by taking a business-savvy approach to packaging. The brewing company partnered with global marketing experience company Quad and packaging researchers on its Package InSight team for an interactive study that tested original packaging for Bigger Dreams against a design based on quantitative and qualitative data. Package InSight experts used biometric testing and gathered real-world feedback from consumers to assess the packaging design’s effectiveness in actual shopping environments. 

“Packaging is a new frontier for marketers, and data-driven packaging design is an absolute game-changer. With insights like what we uncover in our eyetracking and anecdotal tests, marketers get a turbo boost for attracting consumers. This is critical for brands, especially those in a crowded space like craft beer,” said Shannon Anderson, Client Research Manager for Marketing Data & Analytics at Package InSight by Quad. “Helping brands understand the impact of creative design on consumer behavior is one of the ways we allow marketers to see around corners and remove friction from the marketing experience.” 

Participants in the Creature Comforts study wore eye-tracking glasses to measure how long they looked, how often they looked, and how quickly they saw a product on the shelf. The test results identified design elements that would help draw consumer attention and drive sales. Package InSight’s final design recommendations for Bigger Dreams were to increase font size for the product name and beer style, make the alcohol-by-volume callout larger and clearer, and add tasting notes to the front of the package. 

“By bringing data analytics into package design, Creature Comforts is at the forefront of innovation for the craft beer industry,” said Dan Reingold, Director of Marketing for Creature Comforts Brewing Company. “We’re growing from a local brewer to a regional brewer and, ultimately, to one with national scale. This becomes possible with powerful differentiators like data-driven packaging. And we’re encouraging other craft brewers to do the same by being strategic about where they put their dollars. There’s high value in good packaging – it represents a major opportunity for breweries aspiring for similar growth.” 

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