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I recently stumbled across an article on LinkedIn News titled, “34 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2024.”

Even before reading the article, I thought, “I bet at least one of these 34 Big Ideas pertains to packaging.” I was right.

Drum roll … The big idea related to packaging is:


“In 2024, expect a growing chorus of governments and cafes to introduce surcharges for disposable cups to combat environmental harm and waste,” the LinkedIn News story states.

The story goes on to say that Ireland is contemplating a “latte levy.” Hmmm. Why stop there? How about an “espresso excise tax” or a “Frappuccino fee”?

It turns out that curbing single-use packaging waste is the subject of a story in this month’s issue of Packaging Strategies magazine. However, in this case, the packaging in question is plastic bottles. Companies like PulPac, CelluComp, RyPax and Paboco are using materials like bamboo, Dry Molded Fiber and paper to provide sustainable alternatives to plastic when it comes to bottle production. These innovations are sure to continue making headlines in 2024.

One other prediction in the LinkedIn News story related to packaging is:


“Mexico’s proximity to its trade partners, its young workforce and its relatively low labor costs have attracted multinational corporations eager to reduce production costs and avoid the logistical setbacks associated with lengthy supply chains,” the LinkedIn News story notes.

Similarly, Packaging Strategies in 2023 reported on several packaging companies deciding that Mexico is an attractive place to do business. We reported on PAC Worldwide opening a new flexible packaging facility in Mexico, Crawford Packaging’s partnership with StePacPPC, and Crespel & Deiters opening a corrugating subsidiary in Mexico, to cite just a few examples.

As someone who majored in Latin American studies and who has always been interested in the region, I look forward to reporting on more Mexico-based packaging activities in 2024.

And with the help of the packaging professionals and experts that I talk to on a daily basis, I’m well positioned to come up with my own “Big Ideas That Will Change the Packaging World in 2024.” However, I’m not promising that they will number 34.

Brad Addington
Chief Editor, Packaging Strategies
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