Pharmaworks, a ProMach product brand, will debut its new capability to handle recyclable, mono-material packaging films on its blister machines at Interphex booth #2353. In addition to offering their entire fleet of available blister packaging systems ready to run these challenging films, the company will offer upgrades for installed Pharmaworks blister machines in the field and can rebuild blister machines from other suppliers to handle these new sustainable films.

“As the leading blister machine manufacturer in North America, we’re helping improve sustainability by ensuring our equipment is compatible with the new mono-base and mono-lid materials. Our readiness will enable domestic customers to quickly adopt these new films as they become available and will satisfy the immediate needs of customers elsewhere in the world, including Europe, where sustainability initiatives have already ushered in these mono-materials,” said Ben Brower, co-founder and current Director of Applications at Pharmaworks. “Our current blister packaging technology is so advanced, we’re able to handle the machinability challenges that these new films present without redesigning the equipment.”

Compared to traditional PVC, PVDC and multi-structure films, which are essentially non-recyclable, the new mono-structure films such as PP from Etimex and Liveo, PE from Amcor and PET from Liveo and Klockner Pentaplast are 100 percent recyclable. As mono-material suppliers work with their customers to deliver the barrier properties, shelf life, child-resistant/senior-friendly opening features and printability needed, equipment manufacturers are partnering with the material suppliers to ensure machinability.

After extensive trials with a variety of mono-structure films on the world market, Pharmaworks has confirmed their sophisticated blister machines are already equipped to address the challenges associated with difficult-to-handle mono-structure films. Compared to traditional blister materials, mono-structure films have a tighter heat tolerance and they tend to stretch after thermoforming. Also, sealing is harder because, without introducing an adhesive laminate, the pressure applied becomes more critical.

Each of Pharmawork’s five blister machine models currently available features high-performance lasers, servo motors, precision tooling and software algorithms that allow the equipment to easily produce incredible results with mono-structure materials.

Pharmaworks will demonstrate mono-material blister packaging on its TF1 Blister Machine at Interphex. The TF1 is a cost-effective, entry-level blister packaging system that is perfect for low-volume production. Delivering the same features as more complex machines, the TF1 offers easy operation, straightforward cleanability and quick changeover.