Plastic Ingenuity, a leader in sustainable thermoform packaging, has developed a free online course on Thermoform Circularity as part of its new Good Information continuing education series. This in-depth course is designed to help industry insiders learn more about the principles of thermoformed packaging and how thermoforming can impact sustainability initiatives.

During the 90-minute course, students will complete lessons providing an overview of the thermoforming process, types of polymers used in thermoformed products, insights on mechanical recycling and advanced recycling, as well as progress being made toward a circular economy. A Thermoform Circularity certificate is available when the course is concluded.

Thermoform Circularity lessons are taught by Zach Muscato, Corporate Sustainability Manager, and Sarah Webber, Sustainable Packaging Engineer, at Plastic Ingenuity. Packaging engineers, procurement officers, packaging development researchers, packaging buyers, sustainability managers and packaging students are all encouraged to register.

This is the first course offered in Plastic Ingenuity’s Good Information series. Future course topics will include Healthcare Packaging Sustainability, Sustainable Polymers, Advanced Recycling, Packaging Legislation and more.

“As more organizations commit to sustainable business practices, Plastic Ingenuity is proud to be a trusted resource on their journey,” Muscato said. “Our new Good Information Courses are available free and on-demand, providing essential learning and professional development to anyone interested in advancing their environmental efforts.”

Learn more about the Thermoform Circularity course and how to register at

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