bibigo has revamped its packaging for its KBBQ Drizzle sauce and potstickers, as part of the brand's latest refresh and its continued mission of meeting consumer demand and cravings for authentic and accessible K-flavors utilizing quality ingredients. 

The brand's Potstickers are available in both a meat and vegetarian option. They can be found at Albertsons and Publix stores for an SRP of $7.49.

We reached out to the brand to learn more about the refresh, and were able to talk to Megan Elliott, marketing director, Schwan's Company (parent company of bibigo).

Liz Parker: Why did the brand decide to do a packaging refresh?

Megan Elliott: bibigo is Korea’s first and largest Korean food brand with a global presence of more than 100 product types and exporting to 70 countries. It’s important that no matter where consumers purchase and enjoy their bibigo, they can find it easily while in-store or online. And now with our new logo design and packaging, it’s even more convenient to have our authentic, innovative, and delicious Korean foods such as kimchi, Mandu, Korean-style fried chicken, and gochujang.

LP: What’s different as compared to the old packaging?

ME: We want everyone to live delicious and that’s not just about food. It’s about the life that happens around it when we come to the table. So, what better inspiration for our new visual identity than where delicious and passion are found by the bowlful, the "bapsang" (Korean dining table). The circular shape is inspired by people passing dishes around the "bapsang," and then within the shape, we’ve given the hangul (Korean characters) a prominent position, as we look to help spread K-food to all four corners of the globe.

LP: Can you give more details about the potstickers?

ME: Our bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers are a delicious taste of Korean cuisine and are convenient and easy to prepare (simply pan-fry for 6 minutes). Our Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers are made with juicy chicken and premium vegetables tucked into a perfectly thin wrapper bursting with bold flavors. They’re great as a shareable appetizer or as part of a quick lunch or dinner.